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December 1, 2023


Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Orchestration.

KubeAdmiral is a multi-cluster management system for Kubernetes, developed from Kubernetes Federation v2. Kubernetes Federation v2 allows users to manage Kubernetes resources across multiple clusters through the use of federated types such as FederatedDeployment, FederatedReplicaSet, FederatedSecret, etc. KubeAdmiral extends the Kubernetes Federation v2 API, providing compatibility with the Kubernetes native API and more powerful resource management capabilities.


The ARTful library for dynamically modifying the Android Runtime.

ARTful is a native Android library the allows developers to modify the Android Runtime (ART) on Android 13 + 14. With this tool, you can dynamically change the implementation of any static method within your application or the Android Framework to affect methods called from within your application. This eliminates the requirement of using plaintext references to Android ClassLoaders to execute unexpected code and thwarts Reverse Engineering by entirely removing method cross-references.


Kubernetes Native Policy Management.

Kyverno is a policy engine designed for Kubernetes.
It can validate, mutate, and generate configurations using admission controls and background scans.
Kyverno policies are Kubernetes resources and do not require learning a new language.
Kyverno is designed to work nicely with tools you already use like kubectl, kustomize, and Git.


Secure your digital life.

Open Source IT-Security Hardware.